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The world of digital marketing and analytics is one of new developments, of keeping up with the latest technical gadgets, of finding sustainable solutions for your company or client. And that works even better when you can count on a whole community behind you. Grava was present at the annual Measurecamp in Brussels.

Local community with international allure

Measurecamp was founded in 2012 by Peter O'Neill as a way to bring digital analysts together and learn from each other. In no time at all, the concept spread across Europe, with local people taking over the organisation.

There are also enough enthusiastic analysts in Brussels to put their shoulders to the project. Thanks to DigitYser, a co-working space in the heart of Brussels that opens its doors on a rainy Saturday, and a number of benevolent sponsors.

The event is free of charge, the tickets sell out in no time and this third edition once again welcomed about 100 guests from Belgium and abroad.

So many speakers, so many topics

Before the start the rules of the game are explained. An unconference is the counterpart of a conference, so nothing is fixed at the beginning. An empty speakers board, with 35 open slots, divided over 5 meeting rooms. Each participant is free to present something, submit a question or organise a brainstorm with like-minded people. Everything is possible, except a sales pitch. This event is about transferring and sharing knowledge, across different companies.

The program board is quickly filled. With a variety of topics, for beginners as well as for advanced, rather technical or more business oriented, for large groups or rather in a limited circle. What is striking about each session is the openness with which discussions can take place, whether this is about the future of cookies, a Data Studio report that can use a makeover or a case of remarketing attribution that got out of hand.

A different view of the case, someone who can provide a solution or just an alternative way to tackle the problem, that's the big advantage of Measurecamp.

Gevuld Topic Board op MeasureCamp Brussels

What are my takeaways of this event?

  • Generic Tracking is the future. More and more organisations are making a mess of their Google Tag Manager, a disease that is particularly noticeable in e-commerce. More than fifty different tags and triggers that mainly do the same thing, often based on a legacy from a previous manager that is being tinkered with. Generic Tracking requires the work of a developer, and is therefore not for everyone. Creating one generic event that takes all the data out of the Data Layer and contains every possible action, it sounds simple, but still requires some practice.
  • Cookies are under great pressure. With over 45% of internet users having an adblocker installed, the GDPR legislation and a battle raging within the industry, just think of the ITP 2.2 protocol, a solution has to be found. These solutions depend on the purpose of the cookies, but the European legislation must always be taken into account. Grava works proactively on this and, together with Sirius Legal, drew up an audit, in which your website is screened and optimised both technically and legally.
Slide van MeasureCamp

Everyone is welcome

As a beginner, I was hesitant stepping into the playground. But it turns out that you just have to climb the slide to play along. It's heartwarming to see how easily the analytics community welcomes newbies, and guides them through what, at first sight appears to be a jumble of information. As befits a good playground, I step back out with more self-confidence, a notebook full of tips and tricks and determined to be present again at the next edition.

Thanks Measurecamp Brussels, see you next time!

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