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Dennis Kenis, Oprichter en Managing Partner Grava

The added value of technology is obvious: unrivalled opportunities for specific targeting, new ways of creative branding and never before seen opportunities for monitoring a personalised customer journey. Customer KPIs determine the direction for each service or intervention. A clear starting point, a practical and result-oriented approach, and the ambition to stay ahead make Grava a unique partner within Duval Union.

Over the years, Founder & Managing Partner Dennis Kenis has helped Grava become a leading Digital Performance Marketing Agency. Measuring is knowing. Knowledge brings insight. The challenge is using the right insights for each goal. Find your audience. Fuel your business.

In a flood of data, how can you select exactly the information that leads to the highest performance?

Dennis Kenis: “That questions sums up pretty much the biggest concern for every customer today. The digital ‘r’evolution continues unabated, every additionial feature generates new data and offers new possibilities. Our industry is moving towards a truly data-driven approach across the entire customer journey."

“You need specialists to constantly monitor both starting point and end goal. If you randomly start working with data, you’ll quickly lose scope. On the other hand, it’s not rocket science. Data is about people. There must be enough data to draw conclusions, however, empathy remains an important factor. How does a consumer move around the product field? How can we support them and help meet their needs in line with their preferred channels? Digital is omnipresent, but not the customer’s only search&buy.”

Are physical stores regaining importance?

“Stores always have been and always will be important. That’s never changed, although some seem to have forgotten about this in their digital enthousiasm. The central question remains: How can we best approach the audiences we want to reach? What interests them? How and when do they want to be addressed? How wel do we know their personal story and how intelligentley do we deal with it? Such a customer-centric approach should be commonplace, but it isn’t. A lot of organisations think they’re doing well, but is that really true? And is ‘good’ actually ‘good enough’?”

“Nowhere near all purchases are made digitally. Even though digital sales continue to rise, 80% of all purchases still takes place in a physical store. Customers explore and inform themselves online. But when they’ve made their choice, they make their final purchase in the shop. It sounds obvious, but strangely enough, many have lost sight of this. Grava focuses on resultdriven omnichannel marketing to guide customers along their journey”

How would you describe omnichannel marketing?

“There is no such thing as an ‘online’ or ‘offline’ customer. People don’t buy either online or in the store. Customers choose their channel in function of the moment. How fast does he or she need something? How much time can or do they want to invest in the purchase? Is it a purely functional purchase? Different considerations can influence the choice for offline or online.”

“Omnichannel investigates how customers inform themselves and where they subsequently make their purchase. Customers don’t think in channels, theyr looking for an answer to a question or a need. Online or offline, laptop or mobile, leaflet, flyer, home delivery or in the shop: customers use the possibilities that are relevant, pleasing and easy to them. It’s important that their experience across different channels is both similar and equally pleasant. Today’s provider has all the options to meet this expectation. Today we have a varied set of instruments to make the online-offline interaction both measurable and visible. That’s what we do. And on this basis we share insights with our customers. It leads to adjusting an approach and optimising the interaction between online and offline, which then leads to demonstrably higher revenues.”

Does digital performance marketing realise its ambition?

“For too long it was thought that digital marketing would lead to – exclusively – digital purchases, at the expense of offline buying behaviour. This led to segmentation of, for example, advertising budgets, and created strong divisions between offline sales and online marketing.But the return on digital marketing is not just in online sales. There is a demonstrable offline effect of online advertising that shows that the margins increase considerably: for example, the so-called ‘Return On Ad Spend’ (ROAS) from digital marketing to online sales can be 8:1. And the offline results with a return of 4:1 and the omni-ROAS comes in at 12:1. That impact is now finally measurable and adds an enormous enrichment and nuance in reports. Without a doubt, an omnichannel approach leads to more result-oriented and better balanced marketing.”

Does the customer benefit from this?

“Most certainly. The customer doesn’t think in channels, they act in whichever way suits best at a particular time and combines offline and online to their heart’s content. Omnichannel is the norm. It’s why Grava explicitly focuses on it. The goal is always to help the customers get closer to their goal: to find exactly the product that fits their personality and needs.”

Can you give a summarising advice?

“Companies that want to be successful have to adapt their approach to omnichannel. Tob e able to do this coherently and efficiently, it’s important you have an accurate view on this. Only then can you turn the right dials. Don’t waste time and energy in the pursuit of perfection: there is no such thing. It’s especially important to be able to act quickly, accurately, and with (progressive) insight.”

“Omnichannel is much broader than the sales channels customers follow, it’s about the marketing channels as well as the sales channels, which should be aligned as closely as possible. It’s why we use an ‘audience first’ strategy. The most important point of attention is always the target group to be reached, from which a plan of approach is developed and coherently rolled out across the relevant channels. Omnichannel offers the most relevant answer to the combining customer and provides relevant insights on omni-ROAS. A well-documented company takes the right decisions. Grava is an experienced and reliable partner for companies to grow in this.”

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