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Mechelen, February 17, 2022 - Grava will become Fightclub. In doing so, it joins forces with the Dutch branding & performance agency of the same name. Both agencies strengthen each other within Customer Collective, a strong collective of over 250 top-tier marketing and sales experts. The strong match between creative & performance services made both companies want to join forces and help their clients even better with a joint offer.  

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Branding & creative services, at the request of our clients
"Dennis Kenis, founder & managing partner of Grava/Fightclub, tells us that in addition to performance services, our clients also need a creative partner. "That's why we currently have good partnerships with both our clients' creative teams and creative agencies. However, clients often want to limit the number of partners, in order to be able to switch easily and to achieve more economies of scale. That is why we are making this choice today. The choice was not made lightly, as Grava & Fightclub - who also developed the famous 'We Are Belgium' campaign for Jupiler - had already worked together on various projects and found they were on the same wavelength. Today, the company is ready to take the next step and will also offer branding & creative services in a fully-fledged and integrated way. In terms of performance marketing, however, nothing will change in the approach and method. It remains focused on the sustainable growth of their clients' businesses. Albeit in a broader framework and with an 100-strong team.

There goes our good name


There goes our good name
"In 2019, FairEtail was festively renamed Grava," continues Dennis Kenis. "And although we believe that our good name was not yet 'used up', with this rebranding to Fightclub we want to show the market that we can do more and what we stand for from now on." Moreover, Grava continues to build on the reputation Fightclub already has in the Netherlands, having been voted best full-service agency in the Netherlands (Fonk100) in the category of large agencies for the fifth year in a row. And with the mindset 'In it to win it', the match is right. After all, marketing is always about winning. Whether it's about market share, brand awareness, turnover or profit. And to win, every piece of the puzzle has to be right, from brand strategy to core creative idea, from social media to your Google Ads campaigns. Fully integrated, measurable and focused on ROI. Fightclub is a creative agency that is just as result-oriented as a performance agency. And a performance agency that can come up with as many clever ideas as a creative agency. Because a strong brand means nothing if it doesn't convert, and a digital strategy has no chance without a strong brand.

Fast paced but phased
In order to implement this rebranding and extended offer in an appropriate way, without hindering the daily operations and services, Fightclub chooses a fast but phased approach. This means that from now on everyone knows that Grava will become Fightclub, with a wider range of services, and that the company will give itself until the end of March to make the switch. From April onwards the name Grava will disappear completely and we will continue as the new Fightclub.

Leading agency with European strength
With the 25 Grava employees, the new Fightclub now counts 100 branding & performance experts, who build campaigns from creative concept and strategy, to operational execution. Fightclub takes a leading role thanks to a strong client network on the Belgian and Dutch markets, a series of awards and top partnerships with Google, Facebook and most premium publishers. Some of our joint customers: Aliaxis, Krëfel, Neuhaus, Manutan, ZEB,, Floris van Bommel, Barco, Xandres, Oxfam, PharmaMarket, ASAP, Soudal, Rayon, Van Marcke, ING, Lansweeper, Aoste, Jupiler, GoodYear, Mora, Driscoll's, DPD, Delta, Paturain, etc.

Customer Collective
In 2021, the Customer Collective group clearly demonstrated its ambitions to further develop and grow organisations locally and internationally by helping them to invest in their customers and claim 'customer ownership'. The 'branding & performance' activities are one of the essential pillars within this, alongside Customer Strategy (The House of Marketing), Digital Acceleration (Upthrust), Data (addData) and Marketing Technology (Dignify). Customer Collective now counts more than 250 top-tier talents and wants to continue to grow in 2022. This growth is partly made possible by the strong reference shareholder Down2Earth Capital, which has been on board since 2019, and Quanteus Group.

What is digital performance marketing?

Digital performance marketing is a collective term for digital marketing activities that aim to achieve measurable results. This may involve leads, sales, new customers, turnover, profit, shop visits, etc. Areas of expertise that are used cover the entire digital spectrum: SEO, SEA, Social media, Display & Video advertising, Affiliate marketing, Digital audio, Digital Out-of-Home, Addressable TV, etc. The client determines what the 'performance' entails, as long as it is measurable. We then work according to the 'Marketing as Cost of Sales' principle, whereby each euro invested is set off against the predetermined result. Increasingly, we also make the link between online and offline. Think, for example, of shop visits and purchases resulting from online campaigns.

Press contacts
Dennis Kenis
Managing Partner Grava / Fightclub België
+32 479 99 37 36

Cees Faes
Managing Partner Fightclub Nederland 
+31 6 22 37 27 57

Stefan Nuijten
Oprichter en Managing Director Fightclub Nederland
+31 7 65 65 55 11

Grégory Delens
Managing Partner Customer Collective
+32 479 74 97 46

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Fightclub was founded in 1990, although it was then called The Communication Company (TCC), and has grown over the years independently into one of the larger agencies in the Netherlands. Fightclub has been elected best full-service agency of the Netherlands in the category 'large' for 2 years in a row. We believe that marketing is always about winning. Whether it's market share, brand awareness, revenue or an award. And to win, every piece of the puzzle must be right, from brand strategy to core creative idea, from social media to your Google Ads. Fully integrated, measurable and focused on ROI. Fightclub is a creative agency that works as result oriented as a digital agency. And we are a digital agency that can come up with as many smart ideas as a creative agency. Because a strong brand means nothing if it doesn't convert, and a digital strategy has no chance without a strong brand. More info on

About Customer Collective:

Customer Collective helps companies build a strong relationship around their most important asset for growth: their customer. We call it 'Customer Ownership'. In this, the end customer is central to every activity, including identifying needs, creating products and services that meet them, building customer experiences, deepening relationships through up-selling and cross-selling, and tackling churn. This requires a unique combination of strategy, digital, data, technology and creativity. Customer Collective focuses on these 5 pillars and joins forces with The House of Marketing, Upthrust, Grava, Dignify and Fightclub. Unlike other groups in the European market, the companies work closely together: for each project, profiles with complementary expertise and skills are selected in order to generate as much impact as possible. Customer Collective is supported by Down2Earth Capital and Quanteus Group. More info on