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Opportunities for creative digital marketers despite Corona measures

Now that the federal government has announced drastic measures to contain the Coronavirus, we at Grava are reviewing the issues and focusing on opportunities that arise for those who have digital campaigns and activities running. In this article we give some advice to counteract the economic impact of the Coronavirus as much as possible. Because anyone who responds carefully, creatively and quickly can make a difference!

E-commerce retail can do golden business > go the extra mile

All physical stores that do not sell vital goods such as food or medicines have to close during the weekend. However, this is not going to stop people from shopping. So shopping will take place online more than ever. Companies that sell products online may seize opportunities in the coming weeks. Retailers who have both physical stores and a webshop will thus have the opportunity to at least partially compensate for the missed offline sales.

We advise our e-commerce customers to step up their conversion focused "do" campaigns in the coming period in order to achieve as much revenue as possible online. This is also the time to do an action with free shipping costs or an expansion of the pick-up instore possibilities. It will give your strategy an extra boost!

At the same time we monitor the campaigns very closely, also during the weekends. We want to capture the turnover that is in front of us. On the other hand, cost efficiency remains a matter, of course, for many customers, also because the Corona virus is expected to have a major impact on the economy in 2020. But also look on the positive side: those who are now building their brand awareness and branding will remain on the shortlist with consumers, even when the storm hits. This immediately gives you the opportunity to build relevant audiences that will help you convert within a few weeks.

Online lead generation depending on context > customization

It is certainly still possible to continue to generate online leads to the same extent as before, which you can then have followed up face-to-face by salespeople. In most cases, however, it will be necessary to think about message and timing and possibly make adjustments to the offline follow-up.

For example, we can still take potential customers to a point of sale or a kitchen or interior showroom, but it will only be open during the week. In the real estate sector, too, limited adjustments will have to be made in order to meet the obligations imposed by the government. Creative solutions such as video calls or evening appointments and openings can provide a good solution for customers who would otherwise only really come on weekends or to - in the meantime cancelled - open days.

But always start from your target group. Elderly people are extra vulnerable. We all have a responsibility to protect this high-risk group as much as possible. Anyone who focuses specifically on seniors should certainly be extra attentive. Here, too, it will be an advantage if you are able to be creative with modern technology to reinforce their value as consumers and brand ambassadors and not allow them to end up in social isolation.

Travel sector gets a hard time > pay attention

With all the limitations in travel, very few people are still eager to book their holidays online now. Most customers in the travel industry have seen their conversion campaigns fall dramatically since the Corona virus outbreak. In Belgium, holiday parks are even being closed temporarily.

Still, it doesn't all have to be gloom and doom. Now that all group leisure activities are being restricted, we expect people to spend more time online than ever before. So there will be plenty of time to get inspired and explore travel before the summer holidays, assuming that by then the virus will have subsided and travel will become possible again. We advise advertisers in this sector to focus on the "see" and "think" phases wherever possible, so that they are top of mind - and their retargeting audiences are ready by the time people actually start booking again.

Examples of opportunities

  • Technology and products that facilitate teleworking: ergonomic keyboards, desk equipment, extra computer screens, wifi amplifiers ...

  • Do-It-Yourself products and garden equipment: Because we have plenty of time to do chores at home or work in the garden with the nice weather and we need something to do, don't we?

  • Home accessories: Who often sits at home looking at those old curtains, may feel ready to online inspiration for his interior design

  • Real estate: Now that the stock markets are experiencing black days, real estate is coming even more into the spotlight as an alternative investment.

  • Take-away and home deliveries for restaurants that can no longer open

  • Online entertainment and gaming: Many people see their leisure activities fall into the water and get bored. Will you help them through this period?


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