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In 2012 Carousel Casino launched its digital activities with, ready to surprise new online customers. Although it turned out not to be easy to attract new website visitors. In their search for more casino gamers, they knocked on Grava's door to set up an SEA campaign. We pulled out all the stops and worked out a strong digital marketing mix. about Grava:

"We asked for an AdWords campaign, but Grava is not a performance agency that performs blindly. We were made aware of online opportunities that we had never spotted ourselves. With respect for our budget, Grava managed to guide us to more profit. The strategic cell prepared an ingenious, digital plan as a basis for our marketing campaign. The ingredients? Social media, SEO, online advertising and affiliate marketing that were perfectly aligned to achieve and exceed our dreamed ROI. After many years of collaboration, we are well attuned to each other and it is clear to us that we will continue to call on their digital expertise in the future. We would recommend Grava 100% to anyone looking for a digital sparring partner with a refreshing total view".

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