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Digitale marketingstrategie voor het Autosalon

Thursday 9 January - Today the press is taking a first glimpse at the 98th Motor Show in Brussels Expo. Automobile Federation FEBIAC has engaged Grava to take digital marketing to the next level for this Brussels Motor Show. This new approach should not only ensure visitors, but also help preserve the image of the sector.

Attracting visitors but also building an image

"The objective is twofold. On the one hand, we want to get the Belgians to the Motor Show in large quantities, something that is proving increasingly difficult in other countries. On the other hand, FEBIAC wants to show in Belgium that cars and motorcycles can also be part of a modern mobility vision," says Anja Helsen, Communication & Media Manager Salon at FEBIAC.

Not only are vehicles becoming increasingly fuel efficient and less dependent on fossil fuels, but emissions from new models have been drastically reduced in recent years. In addition, there is a lot going on in the field of micro-mobility. A complex message to bring to that momentum of the Motor Show in just a few weeks.

Audience first

Very quickly it became clear that it would no longer be enough to simply remind the public that the Motor Show was coming. That's why Grava set up a diversified target group strategy, with adapted creatives, channels, targeting and storytelling for different audiences. "So no more one-for-all messages from previous years. That made the process more complex and intensive, but fortunately we could count on the advice, flexibility and experience of the people at Grava. It was also an instructive rollercoaster for us," says Gilles Van Audenhaege, Media & Communication Coordinator at FEBIAC.

This gives enthusiasts and usually loyal visitors of the Motor Show a different experience than those who are effectively about to buy a car or those who are looking for mobility solutions from the perspective of the professional.

Grava translated this strategy from the audiences into suitable targeting methods, digital marketing channels and ad types, and briefed the creative partner, La Superboite, on what was needed to make the strategy succeed.

Audience data sharing across channels

Each platform offers specific possibilities to detect the target groups. In order to take full advantage of these, Grava, as usual, makes a point of sharing audience data across platforms and channels.

This makes it possible to turn the storyline into a logical closed loop. Anyone who sees a banner on a specific fleet management website can then be categorised into the "fleet" audience on Facebook or Instagram and see suitable advertisements there as well. Anyone who interacts with an advertisement will then see ads that are in line with the phase within the customer journey in which this person finds himself.

Digital marketing Innovation

Letting your strategy be determined by target groups is not new in itself. But being able to use audiences completely cross-channel to build remarketing and lookalike audiences is innovative in marketing land today. What's more, Grava pulls this idea together by bringing online and offline marketing channels closer together. For example, listeners of Spotify ads are included in the storytelling.

Intensive collaboration

In a campaign like this, a lot of stakeholders and parties are involved. There are, of course, the members of the automobile federation itself, but also Brussels Expo, the creative and technical partners, and the media houses with which historical agreements and collaborations exist.

"The closer the Motor Show gets, the bigger the rush to get everything organised. We are happy to be able to rely on an experienced partner like Grava for our digital campaigns and to take the worry out of it and incorporate it into their innovative ideas," says Anja Helsen, Communication & Media Manager Salon at FEBIAC.

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