The world has - so to speak - always been in beta.

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De wereld in bèta - Marc Bresseel

There were over 140 of them, the participants who went to the Lamot in Mechelen on 27 November to hear that the world is in beta. Of course that was not the news in itself. It was the fact that the beta world is becoming more and more confusing. Especially that unspoken feeling made the many curious about the inspiration sessions of Duval Union Academy and FairEtail sink in. With eminent speakers from Adform and Google, there was a good chance of getting a sense of direction. And it came.

With his opening image Marc Bresseel of DU let the Wright brothers take the stage. We all know their successes, but what do we know about their failures? The persistent, perhaps often desperate times of starting all over again? Pioneering is hard, the uncertainty is great, the return uncertain. For the determined entrepreneur, the direction is always clear: the only way is up. Test - adapt - change - test again. Code words of all times. Ask the Wrights - if you can.

Creativity rules

Beta is looking to the future, and some are more talented than others. A step ahead in trend watching and trendsetting. This is more than necessary in the increasingly overwhelming range of marketing technology tools on offer. How do you keep a cool head? The answer lies in the dialogue between creativity and technology. David Hillier could not have been announced better.

David Hillier is creativity. Skilled in the art and science of storytelling, he put the importance of story framing and the hero's journey into action. Personalized, creative, unpredictable, exciting and yet recognizable. As in the books of Edward Packard: with forty end options, the reader wakes up his own story reading, recognizing the story he wants to read. So layered, even more layered is successful advertising. The tools are available, it comes down to using them as a director in front of an audience. Trust, acceptability and involvement are crucial in this. So many stories are told, so many data comes back. They form input for new heroes, stories, audiences with again broader methodologies: cross-over targeting, photoshop or sounds ... there's the next one already ....

De wereld in bèta - David Hillier

Best experience as standard

Laura Nys was quite comfortable with that story. In Google, too, the user is the hero, sets the tone. Each interaction is built around three focal points: personalised, seamless and fast/frictionless. Google does not start from brand competition, but from the best experience a customer/user would ever have had. That sets the standard, less is too little. Every action that is set up, every experience that is offered takes into account identity and context and the purpose of the action. The combination with, and the continuous creation of data allow us to do this better and better. To make the customer or user more and more the hero of his own story.

Laura Nys

Concept of practice

And then you're standing there with all those dates and you can't see the forest through the trees. That remains a challenge, said Alain Glickman of the data consulting company of the same name, also for us specialists. In spite of all the beautiful concepts and stories, a useful logic has to be sought and found in the multitude of data generated. Data in itself does not make anything clear, it is its selection, use and interpretation that make a difference. Data mining and machine learning, the expertise of Glickman, are excellent tools to better understand the customer. And Glickman added the exclusive secret to a better understanding of data free of charge. In this case too: creativity.


Wereld in bèta - Alain Glickman

Best channel is omnichannel

Co-host Dennis Kenis of FairEtail not only structured the data, but also made it visible in real time. In daily advertising you'd better be well informed. Just saying: on weekdays a consumer doesn't want to drive more than 10 kilometers to pick up his product, on weekends he is willing to drive an hour for the same purchase. There is the impact of time, but also of channel. There is not one final attribution model, online or offline. It is the relationship and complementarity between the two that determines success. The best advertising channel is omni-channel.

Dennis Kenis

What did we learn today?

And so the afternoon turned flew by, leaving with the Wright brothers, who were able to put their concept to the ground, the Béta conference landed in a concrete approach and realisations. With a lot of options that were not yet discussed, feed for the next meetings.

Technology is one thing, it allows us to create whole new worlds and exciting secondary lives, but gives meaning: people still do that. How to make people, stories and results visible and connect goals, conversion and kpi's to the huge mountain of data: that's what specialists are for. Contact them.

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