CBO: giving up the controls or opportunity?

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Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization

The rollout of Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) began in September. The Campaign Budget Optimization feature has been around for a long time, but will become the standard from now on. That means as much as changing the wheel of the routine.

Rely on the Facebook Algorithm

No matter how much confidence you have in the other driver: giving up the steering wheel is always a bit unpleasant. It's no different with facebook. Do we still doubt the commitment, the impact and the relevance? Not by a long shot. Are we still rookies in strategic advertising? Not by a long shot. Are we still hesitating to bid or optimise our budget? Not by a long shot. We have become quite good at fb-advertising, targeting and budgeting. With our very own, customer-focused strategies, we pull out all the stops to optimise leads and conversions. And then it comes: hand over the steering wheel. Or so it seems.

Budget for your campaign now at campaign level

Until recently, Campaign Budget Optimization was an option but not a must. We knew budget optimization mainly from the adsets. The principle is simple. You have a certain budget that you want to set at ad set level. You determine your target group and duration and you adjust your budget as your campaign progresses and depending on the results you want to achieve. You can do this manually, but Budget Optimization is your automated ally for assessment and relevant budget allocation. CBO goes a step further. Actually, it seems like AI is taking over an extra part of your personal insight and strategy. Because the emphases that you could still put in the adsets, now go out. CBO only works at campaign level.

Budget is automatically divided over your ads set

That means adjusting. After all, it may well be that you had, for example, put several adsets for one customer into a targeted advertising strategy, with budget optimisation per set. That is no longer possible. Facebook looks at all the sets as a single campaign and will also make its estimations on parts that you might prefer not to play out yet. Oops? That's not so bad. Of course, you can also look at it differently. CBO forces you to think thoroughly about a routine that might have become too self-evident. And that never hurts. By the way, the adjustments are made entirely in function of the most optimal outcome for your budget and objective. And no one can be against that. From now on, the focal point will be the campaign and not adset, but the goal remains the same: better spending for the best result. We can live with that.

Apply this approach to all current campaigns

Of course, it does have a number of consequences. If the budget optimisation after September is completely different, you will of course have to thoroughly review and review all your current or dormant or fragmented campaigns as a matter of urgency. Where can I optimise myself? Which Facebook Marketing Partners can help?


We at Grava are ready for CBO. Hand over the steering wheel? We prefer to see it as developing new strategies in function of the best result. We've always done that.

By the way: Unknown is unloved. Love becomes greater when challenged.

Want to know more about CBO? Contact our experts, we will be happy to explain it to you again.

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