Newbie Sarah: “I can get used to inspiration sessions with pastries!”

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Newbie Sarah aan het woord

I'm Sarah Steemans, a creative jack-of-all-trades and social media addict pur sang. Scrolling, swiping and targeting is in my fingers. Since September I am part of Gravas social media team as a brand new Social Campaign Manager. The past few weeks I haven't been sitting idle, on the contrary. I even passed by the Belgian office of Facebook!

One alarm clock and a lot of enthousiasm

Monday morning, September 9th, an infernal noise abruptly tears me from my sleep. My alarm clock. When I realize that today has finally arrived, I jump out of bed with a portion of healthy nerves and heaps of enthousiasm. Not my first day at school, but my very first day at work as Social Campaign Manager at Grava. I had a smooth job interview and that gave me confidence, but introducing yourself to a team of twenty people is not something you do every day. #Exciting

Happy desk and smart tools

Shake a hand here, a little smalltalk there. After a short introduction round I am led to my - decorated - desk. Along the way I spot a wagging office dog named Bob. Speaking of a warm welcome! Founder and Managing Partner Dennis immediately takes me for an intensive Grava introduction. Who is Grava? What's our mission? And how exactly do we support the digital marketing of our customer portfolio? From the company mission and vision by Dennis I switch to a 1-on-1 with Social Lead Dieter in which I get to know the smart programs, tools and platforms that Grava's social team uses on a daily basis. #insights

Brainstorming and learning at Facebook

I don't spend day two in Mechelen, but in Brussels on Facebook. How cool is that? During a brainstorming session with Neuhaus, ZEB and Sunparks I diligently pen down the jargon I don't (yet) know. Help?! Each case highlights a different Facebook feature that companies collide with. Fascinating! Next on my to-do list? Finetuning the rebranding of Grava in Photoshop for our own social media. Creating, tweaking, sharing, ... They clearly haven't forgotten that I also like to have fun graphically. #Blessed

Inhouse inspiration and own clients

During my first weeks, with a coffee and croissant in hand, I take three cross-channel sessions in which one Grava colleague inspires the rest of the gang. From managing accounts, to working out banners, to launching Google Ads. Masses of expertise pass in review, handy! A relaxed working atmosphere and a huge passion for online marketing are clearly the keys to Gravas success. A success that I've been putting my social shoulders to for three months now, unbelievable. Now that social media management for my own clients is running smoothly, I am secretly looking forward to achieving results in terms of digital strategy. Plenty of experts around who can teach me the tricks of the trade, right? Let's do this! #soready

Also looking for a vibrant workplace to make your digital dreams come true? We'd be happy to add a seat.

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