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Pinterest advertising in België

Pinterest keeps on growing. Every day the mass of diligent 'pinners' is increasing. The arrival of Pinterest Advertising therefore creates mega-interesting opportunities. The visual services and advertising possibilities are already quite extensive. Only a limited number of functions, such as Shop the Look Pins, are not yet available. They are being tested in several English-speaking countries, as well as in our neighbouring countries France and Germany.

 Available advertising formats

Depending on your campaign goal, you can promote your pin with multiple formats. Do you want to create more awareness for your brand, do you want to generate traffic to your website, webshop or blog, do you want to encourage in-store purchases or do you want to encourage your target group to take action: Pinterest has various tools ready for you.

  • A Promoted Pin looks like a regular pin. That makes mixing in an organic feed very easy.

  • The Promoted Video can be offered in Standard format or in 'max width'. It takes up the entire width of the feed during playback. This makes your message extra clear and increases the impact.

  • Just like with Facebook, the Promoted Carousel Pin links multiple pins, which is especially interesting when presenting multiple products.

  • Finally, the Promoted App Pin facilitates the download of apps without leaving Pinterest. After the download, the user can continue to 'pin'.

 Advertising space on Pinterest

The formats can be used in 3 places:

  1. In the 'Browse' or Home feed, the collection of pins that users see when opening Pinterest. Targeting can be done from the campaign level.

  1. In the 'Search' feed, which is based on entering keywords in the search bar.

  1. In the 'Related Pins'. Targeting from campaign level is not possible here, but from adgroup level. These pins appear in both the 'Browse' and 'Search' feed and are a refinement, based on contextual settings and user history.

 Target the right audience

You can target the placements listed above or you can choose keyword targeting.

Tip: If you are looking for 'trending' keywords, include the suggestions under the search bar in your research. After all, they are the 'most trending topics' for your keyword.

One of the most interesting possibilities is targeting based on interest, where you can continue to optimise during the campaign. Excellent when you are aiming for awareness, consideration and offline sales. Of course, you can also focus on demographic factors such as age, location, gender or language, but device targeting is also an option.

If you really want to test everything, use the 'Taste Graph' of the 'Advanced' section. This is an AI-based system for automatic retargeting based on the collected data and focused on relevance, purpose and chosen options at campaign level.

 Pinterest Advertising, can you measure it?

There are 9 measurable events through Pinterest Advertising,being AddToCart, Checkout, Lead, PageVisit, Search, SignUp, ViewCategory, WatchVideo and Custom. In addition, specific reports can be made about the number of impressions obtained, MRC Video Views, Quartile Watched, Completion Rate, Video Average Watch Time, CPV and the standard Pin Metrics such as clicks, saves, close-ups and earned Metrics. Measurability beyond compare!

Have you tried Pinterest Advertising? Share your findings, we are always willing to share our knowledge with you.

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