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Facebook dynamic ads example

The fact that Facebook has a lot of advertising opportunities is an open door. Dynamic ads have been available for a long time and have made many advertisers dream. Only: the effective use of it is comparatively not so overwhelming. And that may have to do with the limited assessment of the possibilities. After all, it's not just about retargeting, but also about the potential of customers that haven't yet looked at the products on your website. An overview of the possibilities.

We are constantly in digital interaction. Online is our first advisor. Of course, you too have recently compared prices. For a holiday, a new outfit, the replacement of a vacuum cleaner, perhaps the search for a new home ... And just as well you noticed that after your search, on your Facebook feed, ads from the providers you visited pop up. Yeah, right?

That's the algorithm of Facebook Advertising that got started. Advertisements are available within the Facebook family of apps. Members are Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. And they're controlled very intelligently. A dynamic template within Dynamic ads automatically shows the user the most relevant items, without having to create a separate ad for each product. And right: visible within every member of the family.

Jaspers boutique Grava example dynamic ads
Jaspers boutique Grava example dynamic ads

Aim for specific goals

Facebook's dynamic ads automatically bring the right products to those (potential) customers who have already shown interest on your website or elsewhere online.

Originally this feature started from retail, but in the meantime the sectors expanded and the possibilities became broader. Essentially, it's all about:

  • Products: think of clothing, books, ...
  • Travel: travel possibilities from plane tickets, taxis to hotel rooms...
  • Automotive: cars based on make and model
  • Real Estate: home listings selected on criteria such as region, price, style, ...

The secret? A product catalogue or "product feed" that you can set up once or have updated automatically. Supereasy and mega-efficient. Does the price of your product change? That change is quickly visible in the catalogue. So your data, from price to availability, are always up to date.

Fix the ideal match

Another open door: Facebook has a wealth of information about its users through activity on the platform, but also on external websites. A smart analysis and well-considered use of it generates relevant advertising opportunities. Through research and algorithms, the system searches for a meaningful product for a particular user. One of the tools used is the lookalike audience principle, which detects profiles that resemble people who buy or have bought from you.

Dynamic advertisements can be used for users who don't know you yet and who haven't visited your website yet. A great tool if you want to inspire with your offer. At this stage, you can also work with Collection ads, a format that allows you to present a whole range of your products without leaving the Facebook app. A Carousel ad is also possible, with which products can be explored by swiping.

Facebook dynamic ads example

Reign in those sales...

Seducing potential buyers is one thing, but it also remains a challenge to attract customers who do know your products. Here, too, Dynamic ads offers the support you've been dreaming of. For example, you can focus on targeting people who have viewed products or left a product in their shopping cart. A relevant ad helps to retrieve them and complete their purchase. This advertising approach logically leads to higher conversion ratios and sales.

Dynamic ads are much more than just 'hopping' and 'popping' ads. It is a tool to invite visitors to explore and discover your website and products from all angles and angles. With Facebook (re)targeting you reach them in their daily habitat and connect with their interests, expectations, future dreams. Could you even miss this opportunity?

Feel like exploring dynamic ads within the Facebook family of apps? Contact us and we'll work out a plan of action together.

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