Getting started with Dynamic Ads, that's how you do it!

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Grava inspireert - Aan de slag met dynamische advertenties


Getting started with Dynamic Ads, that's how you do it!

Who would we like to welcome?

Marketeers & Digital professionals working with e-commerce and brands.

Why do you need to be there?

During this workshop we take the creative route.

During the session we will discuss the different types of dynamic ads and look ahead to what the (not so distant) future will bring us.

To make it all a bit more practical, we work out a briefing together for a fictional advertiser who would like to use dynamic ads in the marketing plan.

Bringing the right message, at the right time, to the right person, that's what it's all about.

If we can do that in a smart and automated way, that's great, isn't it?

After attending this workshop you will know how to get started and what the abbreviation DCO stands for!

Most important assets of the workshop

* Providing good knowledge of what dynamic advertisements mean

* Taking a closer look at different types of dynamics ads

* How do you integrate this into your marketing plan & why?

* Hands-on workshop by explaining a case

* Manual for the creative briefing

Who guides you into this wonderful world?

Kim Verhaegen is Head of Consultancy at Grava and an expert in programmatic advertising.

With a backpack full of experience and a critical, result-oriented view, Kim will show you the right way.

Practical info


Tuesday 17 December 2019, 4 pm - 6.30 pm


Grava, Hendrik Consciencestraat 1b, 2800 Mechelen

Book your seat!

Price: €195


We deliberately limit the number of participants in order to keep interaction to a maximum.

Don’t wait until the last minute, that is the message!

Register before December 12th via!

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