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Video First Conference

Video in marketing is fun, but above all: strategy. That's what the latest Video First Conference, an international event with speakers and video marketing experts including Facebook and YouTube, was all about. As a member of the FairEtail Social Team, I was really looking forward to it. That turned out to be absolutely right: enough learnings. I like to share them internally, but also with you. Three important insights that determine the direction of video marketing today, here they are:

1. Use the Belgian growth margin

Anthony Belpaire is Partner Lead at YouTube. He found that Belgians watch a lot more video than Dutch people. Nevertheless, Belgian companies remain extremely cautious when it comes to spending online marketing budgets: in Belgium, only 20% of the marketing budget is spent online, while in the Netherlands it is 50%. So there is still a lot of room for online growth in our country!

Share of Digital

2. Personalize

Several speakers stressed it: anyone who wants to keep the user's attention will also have to personalize video. Google offers the possibility to work with YouTube Director Mix, which is a tool that adapts your video message to the user.

Different factors allow you to create different variants. For example, you can split up into male/female, 18-34 years/55+ and people who are in-market for a new smartphone/laptop. This creates 8 variants that are automatically adjusted when they apply to the target group. If you expand that list, the number of variants will also grow.

3. Make it interactive

Personalized is good, but it can be even better. After personalized video, the next step is: interactive video, the core business of Wirewax. Their experience shows that this type of video leads to 47% more interaction, and the click through rate (CTR) increases to 16-48%. These video experiences are no longer a trend, but gradually becoming the norm. Interactive video will probably reach the living room via TV and platforms like Netflix in the near future.

Interactieve video

Whatever your goal, anyone can use video, from B2C to B2B, from linear to personalized to interactive. Of great importance when you start with video is the care you devote to objective and strategy. Be creative, look at all the possibilities. I am looking forward to the next edition of the Video First Conference to see how accurate the predictions for 2019 turn out to be.

If you have any videos that you would like to distribute today or in the future, come and talk to us. I and my colleagues will be happy to help you get more out of your campaign.

See you then!


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