What do you mean, fairytails don’t exist...?

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de kat van Carousel - Grava

We at FairEtail believe in fairy tales. Stronger still: we bring them to life. With the dwarves in the mine slaving to find gold? Tying seven-mile boots to help the cat make big strides? Out of time! We brought cat and gold all the way to you!

Carousel.be is an online casino. Nothing special you think? Yes, it is. At Carousel they keep an exceptionally intelligent cat. No cajoling kitten, no sleeping doormat and certainly no fleabag, but an assertive, flamboyant, sometimes lazy but always alert ginger cat. A very special cat that waved with notes of 500 flaps. Euros in other words. And you could win them. Carousel's cat is a 'game maker', and you couldn't imagine it or she made a game out of it. Have you been to a big station recently? Then you must have seen the domino game. Or you watched Sports Late Night? You didn't miss the cockfight, did you?

Carousel's cat comes from the creative minds of the Friendship Boys. But bringing them to your smartphone, to your pocket, that's what we do. Gamemaking is one thing, gamechanging is another. FairEtail is the gamechanger that goes to extremes to bring a flashy campaign to exactly the right audience - gameplayer in this case. Because the great thing is: Carousel's cat constantly serves up some kibble. A taste, a bite. It feels pretty funny, her cajoling. And you have nothing to lose, on the contrary: you could win 500 euros right that minute.

de kat van Carousel met 500 euro- Grava

We pulled out all the stops to get Carousel's cat to do what she's so good at: challenging and seducing and, admittedly, being funny. The campaign was distributed via a take-over of the digital screens in the stations of Antwerp-Central, Brussels North, Brussels South, Brussels Central, Liège and Ghent-Sint-Pieters. We also deployed all the subtleties of YouTube, Google Ads, Facebook, Display. And if you wanted to go for the real experience, you could do so without any problems on Sports Late Night. Carousel's cat provided pure entertainment during a full commercial break, the full 3 minutes. Pioneering, funny and - exactly: top class gamification. And of course it's extra nice when you saw Carousel's cat on a display, banner, image or video just somewhere in between. Immediately that smile. Well seen from that cunning cat. She didn't even have to watch her steps, we did that for her. Systematically we brought her to life everywhere. She could count on us. We already said it: fairy tales exist. And we bring them to life.

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