Digital strategy, well-considered targeting and powerful ads inform, inspire and pay off for Novy

As a Belgian specialist (and market leader) in cooker hoods and hobs, Novy is trying to conquer a new market segment. In her search for a strategic communication partner, she knocks on Duval Union's door. Duval Branding, MMBSY and Grava join forces to connect with interior design and cooking enthusiasts. Novy 2.0? Yes, please!

Casestudy Novy

The demand for digital strategy

West Flemish kitchen expert Novy is Belgian market leader in the field of cooker hoods. Under the motto 'the sky is the limit', the seller of high-end cooktops and extractor systems wants to innovate itself and refresh its target group. The goal is no longer to profile itself as a mere supplier, but rather as an inspirer. In concrete terms? Novy aims for more experience, more reach and more sales in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany.

The targeted digital approach

Duval Union assembles a team of seasoned branding and campaign experts to digitally strengthen Novy. The vibrant trio of Duval Branding, MMBSY and Grava will take on the challenge. They meet quarterly for in-depth meetings and keep each other up to date via weekly status calls. Duval Branding takes care of the rebranding, MMBSY creates corresponding content and Grava advises strategically and sets up the online campaign from A to Z. Focus is key, which is why the KPI's and target groups are researched, tuned and decided upon. We reach 30- to 60-year-old food and design enthusiasts, kitchen enthusiasts or people with a (re)construction project in the pipeline, with the aim of taking them to the points of sale and the website, have them watch the videos and download the catalogue. Retargeting and lookalike audiences take similar profiles with them. The creative bar of the campaign is raised high, as is the awareness. Grava effortlessly combines video, display, native advertising and social advertising to give Novy inspiring kitchen credits.

The campaign results

Thanks to a well thought-out, online campaign, Novy today is top of mind with new and existing target groups. Hyper-focused targeting and strong advertisements make interior enthusiasts and foodies associate the luxurious Novy equipment with carefree cooking in an Insta-perfect kitchen. In addition to a high-end brand experience, Novy is also stunts with strong growth in their sales figures. Content and ads that inspire, make them profitable.

Also want to connect smoothly with your target group? Reach out! Grava would like to sit around the table with you to design a digital campaign that will measurably boost your business.

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Connecting with a new target group? More inspiration and sales? Grava does it for Novy, Belgian specialist in cooker hoods and hobs. Read the case and discover how Grava gives Novy a digital boost. >>

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