Grava boosts Neuhaus' online sales via Facebook

More than a hundred years of expertise in creating, tasting and refining top chocolate: Belgian chocolatier Neuhaus is committed to perfecting its products. Their next step? Strategically optimize their e-commerce. Neuhaus and Grava have combined their digital know-how with the sweet mission: fewer abandoned shopping trolleys, more tasty conversions.

Grava boosts online omzet Neuhaus

Ambitious chocolatier seeks expert digital advertising

Strong products? Check! Thoughtful webshop? Check! But Neuhaus thinks three steps ahead and felt that their online sales process offered more opportunities. E-commerce growth? We would love to! Neuhaus' digital team joined Grava in 2019 to increase their sales in no less than eleven European countries.

Efficient dynamic Facebook ads

E-commerce growth cannot be achieved in 1, 2, 3. During an inspiring kick-start with the right spirit and the right people around the table, we decided to tackle the abandoned shopping baskets through dynamic ads on Facebook. During the development of the paid social strategy, we didn't just focus on bringing back visitors who didn't buy anything, but also on brand new target groups. Tapping into different markets? Absolutely! Team Neuhaus-Grava was on edge.

Thanks to our close contacts with Facebook, we received a special offer from the social media giant for Neuhaus' e-commerce challenge. A complete package of dynamic Facebook ads, Facebook carousels, the Facebook pixel and Instagram was taken to the next level by an exclusive Alpha Test. A test that is not open to every company present on Facebook, but Neuhaus and Grava were allowed to explore and activate together. In concrete terms? With just one catalogue, we reached Facebook users in eleven European countries in their preferred language. This innovative Facebook technique automatically adapts the advertisements depending on the country and language of the user. Bye bye manual work, hello efficient targeting!

Delicious Facebook results that taste like more

The Alpha Test via Facebook proved to be the perfect method to boost Neuhaus' online sales: first try, then launch. Between April and November 2019, the higher Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) doubled online chocolate purchases, while the cost per purchase halved. That tastes good! And so the tandem Neuhaus-Grava proudly continues their collaboration in digital advertising. (With a praline in the mouth, admittedly).


TIP | Curious about Facebook's vision of our Alpha Test and its results? Discover their retrospective here.

Want to use Facebook advertising for your company? Let us know! Grava helps you to make the right digital choices and achieve a higher ROAS.

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