Grava makes Leen Bakkers Belgian e-commerce grow

At the beginning of 2019 Leen Bakker came knocking at Grava's door. "We were looking for a Belgian digital performance agency that has a good feel for the Belgian market and was able to realise our ambitions in e-commerce growth in Belgium", says Martijn Miserus, e-commerce manager at Leen Bakker. In the Netherlands the home furnishing chain is moving forward like a train, but Belgium turned out to be a more difficult story.

However, the ambitions for the Belgian webshop were not soft. Leen Bakker wanted to see its online turnover grow by 30% compared to 2018, and this in a saturated, highly competitive market in which the brand still has to contend with an image that is not in keeping with what they stand for today. Over the years, Leen Bakker has evolved into a department store with a wide and contemporary range and a strong price-quality ratio.

Despite the fact that the cooperation between Grava and Leen Bakker could only really start from February 2019, and the first weeks of that cooperation were still dominated by restructuring in the SEA accounts, 2019 ended very successfully with an e-commerce growth of 27% compared to the previous year. The main driver for this growth was clearly the SEA strategy, which achieved a 48% increase in turnover compared to the previous year.

Grava laat Leen Bakker groeien met 27%

Data and product feed are crucial

By carefully applying the feed and data-driven approach for which Grava is known, we achieved a higher relevance in the SEA campaigns. This was the prerequisite for artificial intelligence to work to its full potential.

"A product feed comes in different shapes and sizes. The first thing we do when we start working for a new e-commerce customer is to see if the feed can be improved," explains Isabel De Smet, Grava's senior SEA consultant. "Because the quality and performance of a digital marketing strategy depends on data. The quality has to be good and you have to have enough parameters to play along and make super relevant SEA advertisements".

Holding, releasing and testing

SEA campaigns such as those of Leen Bakker that involve high ambitions require a lot of care and attention, but the structure must also remain sound and manageable. Grava goes to great lengths for its customers to create relevant ads that provide the best possible answer to the consumer's question in their search box. So we have to look for granularity, although at the same time we have to look for ways to make bidding strategies, and thus artificial intelligence, work well by not shredding data too much.

During the first months of the collaboration with Leen Bakker, we worked towards simplifying the account and optimizing the workflow. In addition, we raised the level of the French-language advertisements considerably.

At the same time, we invested massively in increasing scale thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Yet not every smart technology works for every customer. Grava regularly tests new bidding strategies or AI tools, and sometimes we have to conclude that one doesn't work for one customer and one does for another.

Target 2020 another 30% e-commerce growth

In 2020 Leen Bakker also wants to see its Belgian e-commerce activities grow by 30% compared to 2019.

The next steps for important e-commerce players such as Leen Bakker will undoubtedly be to bring digital marketing even more in line with business objectives. This can be done, for example, by testing with a steering on margin, instead of purely on online turnover. The omni-channel story, in which the link between online and offline is becoming increasingly important, will also become a hot topic in the coming years. There will also be digital support for the branding in Belgium, and Grava, Leen Bakker and Friendship are working together on a diversification of the media mix.

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Leen Bakker
Grava makes Leen Bakkers Belgian e-commerce grow by 27% in 1 year with a SEA approach based on relevance and artificial intelligence.

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