Raising awareness via soft conversions for Recupel

Recupel has been an important FairEtail customer since 2015, in close collaboration with AB (the unbound agency). Through this awareness and awareness-raising campaign, Recupel wanted to inform and activate all Belgians to discard Audio and Video appliances in a correct, sustainable and cost-efficient way: Recycle together for a better world


For this campaign a mix of different channels was chosen: Search (including Adwords, Gmail Ads, Display Select Keywords), Programmatic Advertising (both Audience Buying and Retargeting) and Email Marketing. In order to measure the success of the campaign, several 'soft conversions' were defined: searching for a Kringwinkel, Recycle Point or Recycle Park, watching informative videos, downloading the app and subscribing to the newsletter. The proposed KPIs of this campaign were easily achieved.

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For this campaign a mix of different channels was chosen. We defined soft conversions and achieved all KPI's without any problems!

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