ZEB picks up online sales in Corona times with solid strategy

In order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, all non-essential stores have been closed since mid-March. Brands such as ZEB, Grava's customer since 2018, can fortunately rely on a well-functioning webshop and a well-thought-out online marketing strategy. In times of crisis, we work with them to step up our efforts. In this article we explain the approach and how it is reflected in encouraging e-commerce results.

Grava en ZEB krikken samen de online verkoop op


Collective shock reduced online sales in the first few days with Corona restrictions

In the first days after the announcement of the strict measures, the population clearly had to recover from the shock. There was massive hoarding in the supermarkets, but no worried about fashion. Makes sense.

This was shown in the online results of ZEB. Until March 18, we saw disappointing online turnover figures. Apart from the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 virus, in this period many loyal ZEB customers are eagerly awaiting new promotions. Between the 9th and 18th of March, online turnover even dropped by a small 10% compared to a similar period last year.

How do you turn around such a less lucrative period?

Fortunately, ZEB and Grava were able to reverse this trend with joint forces.

ZEB planned extra discount actions to boost the conversion ratio, such as a Spring clean-up action, a Spring collection action and an appropriate "ZEB in uw kot" action.

We at Grava made extra efforts to monitor and reverse the situation. On the one hand, we very frequently agreed on the state of business in the commercial and logistics field and agreed on how best to respond to this. After all, being responsivel is crucial in times of crisis.

At the same time, we worked extra hard to optimise the SEA campaigns in order to find the right balance between visibility, position and ROI. Especially in the brandcampaigns, we were able to make a difference. Looking for the right visibility, putting the right message forward and convincing brand loyal customers to shop online now that the stores are closed, that's what it was all about. Clever use of the Google bidding strategies proved to be the right approach, also in the generic SEA campaigns.

In the Social campaigns, we scrutinized the most conversion-oriented, often feed-driven campaign layers in search of good optimizations. That doesn't sound like a spectacular quick-win, but it is part of an approach that we believe in and that has been paying off for much longer and is gradually pushing up the results in a sustainable way.

The turnaround has started since the closure of the stores

From 19 March, the day on which no physical clothing store was allowed to stay open, the webshop sales picked up again. Of course, a little bit of nice weather also helps. And then there is the factor "boredom" and "a little more time than usual".

Makes sense that it picks up then, you would say. No, it doesn't. The market is moving with it. Moreover, we have to take into account the fact that the financial impact will be considerable for many families, limiting or delaying non-essential purchases. Throw all these external factors together, and you know the results will be unpredictable. In uncertain times without precedents, it's an advantage if you can rely on a solid, well thought-out e-commerce strategy.

The fruits of this method are reflected in the results. Between 19 March and 29 March, ZEB's online turnover increased by 183% compared to the same period last year.

And it's not over yet!

If we look at the most recent period, 30 March to 6 April, the turnover even quadrupled compared to the same period last year. An impressive ROI and still achieving volume in uncertain times? That's what we do it for at Grava. It's at times like these that a careful follow-up of your digital marketing campaigns can make all the difference.


Nieuwsgierig naar meer?

The economy is being hit hard by the Corona measures, but with a good e-commerce strategy as a foundation and the right approach in times of crisis, a company can make a difference today. The Belgian multi-brand fashion store ZEB can count on Grava for this. Together we were able to turn an initially difficult period into beautiful online results. Or how good sails pay off in stormy weather.

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