Addressable & OTT TV, the ultimate connection with your audience

Reach your target group via personalized TV advertising? Addressable TV advertising combines the power of TV with the personalization possibilities of digital media.


Thanks to the Netflix´s and digiboxes of this world, TV has radically evolved as a medium. Linear watching is giving way to digital TV watching and TV on demand. This has not only influenced viewing habits, but also forced TV advertising to reinvent itself. Addressable TV advertising is a form of TV advertising where the commercials are personalized per viewer. Blocks of ads tailored to the viewer´s profile.


So what is OTT advertising? OTT or Over-the-Top refers to content providers like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Over-the-Top due to the fact that they offer TV content ´on top of´ the content of the traditional channels. It is the ultimate platform to advertise broadly yet in a personalized way. Because TV is and remains an excellent visual channel with great credibility.


Addressable and OTT TV
for your business?

Discover the benefits of Addressable and OTT TV

  • Define for yourself your TV public on the basis of target group, region, interests, viewing habits, etc.

  • Personalize your TV spots so that they better connect with your target group

  • Combine your TV commercials with interactive banners & calls-to-action.

  • The ideal channel as preparation for a retargeting campaign.

  • Measuring is knowing: receive reports with the number of impressions and number of users.

  • Pay only for genuine impressions, when a minimum of 50% of the spot is viewed.

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