Display Advertising, intelligent banners with instant follow-up

An expressive online banner that really makes your company stand out? Visually trigger your audience with an effective, insight-generating follow-up of your results?

Set display goals, the kick-off of powerful online communication. A strong slogan, a stimulating photo, a playful message, … With display advertising you put your brand in the online spotlight. Win a gold medal in this dynamic discipline and intelligently adapt your ads as a function of the timing, region or weather conditions. No banal banners without a plan; rather, targeted display advertising with a relevant reach.

Achieving display goals: at Grava, there´s nothing we like more. We intelligently organize bannering. More clicks? More sales? More traffic? You put your objectives on the table, we sharpen our digital arrows and hit the bull´s-eye. From day 1 we analyze how we can optimize your display advertising. Testing target groups, deploying extra data, harmonizing parameters, … Grava guarantees first-class follow-up and transparent adjustments.

Display Advertising
for your business?

Discover the benefits of Display Advertising

  • Dynamic marketing strategy adapted to external factors.

  • Inspiring communication tailored to your public.

  • A substantial increase in your online name recognition.

  • Results are perfectly measurable and steerable, right from day 1

  • Strong online communication tool, data-driven and goal-oriented.

  • Display advertising inspires, activates and assures more leads.

About you

Put a strong brand on the market, boost a unique product or realize a surprising vision? Your objectives are the bottom line of our digital performance marketing plan. So we’re curious about your plans, passions and priorities.


Do you want more leads? More clicks? More customers? We start off from your questions and translate them into a concrete digital strategy. Custom-tailored, naturally, because there’s absolutely no other company like yours.

About us

An online strategy? We speak DSP, RTB, CPM and other digi-languages fluently and are happy to translate for you. Entrust your project to our marketing experts and settle into the digital driver´s seat of your company. 


Digital performance marketing for your project?

Or strengthen your own digital marketing team? With Grava you immediately shift into higher gear. Together we define the project scope, work out a timeline and link each action to the right budget.

Training and digital marketing courses

Train up-and-coming talent or keep your marketing team up-to-date? Grava is delighted to make time for you! We hone your knowledge with practical SEO tips, a targeted Google Analytics training or digital marketing course. Specific topic in mind? We organize training courses à la carte, from personalized one-on-one´s to intensive group training sessions. Because we enjoy sharing our knowledge!