Native Advertising

Highlight your brand at the right time, the right place and for the right public? Smart ads that smoothly connect with their advertising channel? 

Stop. The media landscape has changed enormously over the past 10 years. Blogs are proliferating, social media have become an integral part of daily life and YouTube has easily conquered every living room. Make your business stand out in 2019? You can do it with native advertising. Thanks to this advertising technique, your ad doesn´t stick out like a sore thumb; instead, your brand is seamlessly integrated into the displayed content and user experience of the platform.

Start. Grava thinks, does and breathes native advertising. The ideal online partner to boost your digital marketing strategy! We zoom in on your target group, select the right channels and match your public with the right content. The price tag? You start with a relatively low entry budget. Foolproof online marketing that perfectly matches your target group.

Native Advertising
for your business?

Discover the benefits of Native Advertising

  • Your ad 100% matches the platform on which it appears. As a result, you bring greater news value and you can inspire in order to convert. Win-win!

  • Native ads are most effective on your smartphone.

  • Readers often experience native ads as less aggressive or intrusive.

  • This advertising technique stimulates new visitors and prompts them to buy more quickly.

  • Consumers trust native ads more than classic online ads.

  • A carousel, canvas or cinemagraph: with native advertising, you give free rein to your creativity.

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