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De wereld in bèta - David Hillier

David Hillier is ‘Global Creative Solutions Lead’ bij Adform. In november was hij nog te gast op de Digital Marketing Conference van Duval Union Academy en FairEtail in Mechelen. We peilden naar zijn blik op de uitdagingen voor 2019.


What was - in your opinion - the most remarkable fact of 2018 on digital advertising?


"I’d say, amongst the many amazing and positive things that happened in 2018, the one that was most remarkable was the growing suspicion of technology. This is a year that brought us GDPR, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and all amidst a world that is more connected, yet as fragmented as it has been in a generation. At the forefront of this is the question of data, how it is understood and how it is used, and this is something very applicable to digital advertising – this technology has become bigger than retargeting users with an ad. The industry should be clearer on that now, but it is potentially becoming an anathema to the general public."


What will be the biggest challenge in 2019 on digital advertising?


"Other than the notion of fallout from the above (data, privacy, etc…) the need for more transparency (not sure if Blockchain is the knight in shining armour everyone was hoping for, at least not yet). The same challenge faces big and small; however there is a dichotomy there in that the level of cost to move to these models favours larger brands in the short term due to cost implications."


What is your most prominent wish for digital communication (and/or behavior) in the  nearby future?


"That we do not start to rely on technology in a way that is to be too detrimental to our species. That technology makes us better, not worse, that we still retain autonomy over our thoughts and cognition; our creativity and moralistic values."

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