Looking forward to 2019 - Laura Nys

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Laura Nys

Laura Nys is Automation Lead Belgium bij Google. In november was ze nog te gast op de Digital Marketing-conference van Duval Union Academy en FairEtail in Mechelen. We peilden naar haar blik op de uitdagingen voor 2019.


What was - in your opinion - the most remarkable fact of 2018 on digital advertising?

"Only 36% of the young Belgian adults between 18 and 24 is watching linear television on a regular basis”



What will be the biggest challenge in 2019 on digital advertising?

"Concepts that used to sound futuristic, like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, have now become an integral part of data and campaign management. In 2018, we've moved from a nascent, exploratory phase to a situation where that automation is a standard 'part of the deal'. In 2019, a big challenge (and opportunity) for digital marketers will be to pivot their own roles around this: how can they shift focus to more strategic topics, while trusting new technologies to drive smart decisions on bidding, targeting and creatives."


What is your most prominent wish for digital communication (and/or behavior) in the nearby future?

"I hope we will succeed, as Belgians, to rethink our society in an out-of-the-box way using all of the possibilities that digital offers. Most importantly, I hope we find innovative ways to solve global challenges like migration and environmental care - and that Belgium is a frontrunner to do so."

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