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After our AdWords certificates and the Search Metrics Green Belt, proof of our Facebook expertise could not be left behind. Thanks to our years of experience in setting up Facebook campaigns and continuously keeping up with novelties, since last week we are also the owner of the coveted Facebook Blueprint badge. This badge is available after successful completion of the Facebook Blueprint exams.

The exams consist of multiple parts in which each participant starts with the 'Facebook Advertising Core Competencies' exam. Those who pass the first exam can then take the 2 other exams: 'Facebook Certified Buying Professional' and 'Facebook Certified Planning Professional'.

Facebook Certified Buying Professional

Our Social Media Expert, Dieter Peeters, successfully took part in the Buying Professional exam last week. Those who pass the Buying Professional or the Planning Professional exam can call themselves proud owners of the accompanying certificate. The number of certified Facebook Buying Professionals in Belgium is a few dozen, which of course makes this certificate extra special.

What makes the exams so unique is the strict supervision under which they take place. In addition, participating is also paying, which ensures that you can't take the exam several times just like that.

Facebook Certified Buying Professional

Heb jij nog vragen voor onze pas afgestudeerde Facebook expert?  Neem contact op met ons social team en we helpen je graag verder.

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